Road Shows


Your Road Show Transportation Solution

When you’re taking business on the road, Kenelo has the reliable, flexible transportation service you need to succeed. As a premier provider of corporate road show transportation solutions, we understand the unique demands of business-critical road shows and utilize cutting-edge technologies to meet demands and itinerary changes.


As your road show transportation provider, we are there to manage communication between chauffeurs, passengers, and your road show coordinator while providing you the support to accommodate all of your special requests.


With Kenelo, you have a dedicated road show support team ready to take you anywhere, anytime.


  • Road Show Logistics Team Available 24 hours a Day
  • Chauffeur Onsite Notifications
  • Immediate Confirmations
  • Customized Billing for Each Road Show


Planning a road show? Find out how Kenelo can help make it a success - or 800.361.2574.